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At Unix Commerce, we want our clients to succeed. This will only happen if our clients make an informed decision. Doing so will help to increase the quality of our work, reduce the amount of time it takes to complete each project, and promote more efficient use of the resources acquired to complete each project. Taking a look at our portfolio should help in doing this. Take a look and Let us know if we can design, code, or implement any of our service or solutions.

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Quest Dating Online Dating

February 23, 2017Quest Dating is one of our favorite projects and is int its 5th iteration. Besides performing well on search engines, Quest Dating also looks the part and is a blast to build. It is a dating website built on MatchMe, a popular dating website script customized to look and feel appropriate for its demographic. To view Quest Dating, navigate to www.questdating.net
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Makeup Sincere

February 23, 2017Makeup Sincere is one of our most successful clients. On this project, we needed a way to help our client effectively sell a few products as well as offer services that required event booking. We decided that WordPress would be the best CMS for this application over an eCommerce platform like PrestaShop. Although the site is far from complete in our eyes, our client actively manages the site as we pro-actively provide insight and services to keep things on track. To visit Makeup Sincere, navigate to www.makeupsincere.com
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Unix Commerce Web Design

February 23, 2017Unix Commerce was designed by Unix Commerce. This may seem obvious but we thought we would mention it. Our website is a meshing together of WordPress and WHMCS made to communicate what we offer along with providing the tools to manage our services on a platform we believe is future proof. Building Unix Commerce is the number one thing we learn from when delivering our services. This will make certain that any project we take on succeeds as our clients success is analogous to our success.
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Chateau Pomije Winery

February 23, 2017Building and continuing to support Chateau Pomije Winery and www.cpwinery.com’s design needs has been and continues to be a fulfilling relationship. We started out with a very general idea for their main website and produced several concepts for the it based on the best platform for their needs. We decided to use the CMS Joomla at that point and proceeded to build what we considered a modern, user friendly, and effective website. Fast forward almost 4 years and we are proud to say we still have their business. The site now runs on WordPress but still maintains the same design but gives Chateau Pomije Winery and their IT staff an easy and effective way to administrate the website. To see thier website in action please visit Chateau Pomije Winery at cpwinery.com

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