The Difference a Solution Makes

Starting a business is difficult in-and-of itself and taking it online can be just as demanding and time consuming. Today’s businesses demand a better approach to building a web presence and we believe that our all-inclusive approach coupled with a focus on open source will meet this need in the most affordable and efficient manner around. Our solutions are designed based on careful assessment of your needs and goals as we take the time to understand your business as your customers do and answer from that perspective. Although we design assents like logos, brochures, newsletters, and other promotional materials, along with managing your online marketing using email marketing, PPC, SEO & SEM, and social Media, we believe understanding the big picture is where it should all start and will create more return in the long run.

Primary Solutions

One of the primary ways businesses use websites is to provide information for that organization in-line with what they do. We consider these websites information websites. This solution aims to fill this need by creating a web presence consisting of a static website used to display information and can include integration with other systems it may need to help store and manipulate simple text and files a visitor might submit. An informational website will provide this in addition to any text, images, audio, and video the site needs to display. Manipulation of that information is very limited as this kind of website will not need a database and if information is received from a visitor, it will be stored as text or an attachment and sent to a hardcoded email address.
CMSs (content management systems) are websites designed to allow an administrator to access and manage the content of the system (website) without technical expertise. This is done using a dynamic programming language like PHP or frameworks like Ruby on Rails to provide a dedicated backend where one can administrate the content of the front-end (public facing side of the website) without code. Everything about the website comes ready to be managed by the client with plugins (add-ons software) systems built directly into the application to allow easy addition of functionality and customization of functionality already built in. This solution is designed mainly to manage content quickly and to allow the addition of functionality that can be easily customized without the use of code. If your website will need frequent updates and database driven architecture, this may be the solution for you.
Our ecommerce solution uses another kind of content management system but these CMSs are designed specifically for selling online. Using robust and secure open source technology, any business can have the capability of large online retailers at their fingertips. This solution is designed for companies that are selling over 100 unique items with 5 or more product categories/categorization. Products may be fulfilled directly from your warehouse or from a 3rd party and we can build a system to get the right information accessible by the right people around the clock for a business that will succeed. We will also be able to add customizations to the software we use and provide round the clock support via live chat to ensure your business stays online and successful.
The community website solution is designed to allow a community to form using systems that will manage the user’s data. In essence, the website will function with or as a community and it will be able to store and retrieve information submitted on the front end for every user that will create an account on the site. A simple example of this kind of website would be a social network, forum, or bulletin board. Rapid development frameworks exist today that allow large scale development and deployment of full featured online communities, both for the general public or a team or organization and weather a company is a community and it requires a guided step by step approach to building the system or a quick deployment of a collaboration toolkit is all that is needed, we have the solution to get it done.
An intranet is a private communications network designed to manage private information for an organization using web software. An CRM for example, is an Client Relationship Managment software which is used to manage sensitive client information belonging to an organization. To hear more about intranets and their potential, feel free to request a free consultation.

Solutions & Standalone Services

  • Informational Website Solution
  • WordPress Website Solution NEW
  • Content Management System Solution (CMS)
  • Community Website Solution
  • E-Commerce Website Solution
  • Intranet Website Solution
  • Dedicated Webmaster Solution
  • Wix/Square Space Consulting NEW
  • Template Conversion(ea. HTML to Joomla)
  • e-Bay Store Design
  • Amazon Fulfillment Solution
  • Social Media Marketing Managment
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Web Hosting With cPanel
  • Signs and Banners
  • Logo Design
  • Branding Services
  • Template Design
  • Script Installation/Configuration
  • Website Transfer
  • Website Backups
  • Free Non-Client Support NEW
  • Free WhoIs Guard
  • Free Domain Name Configuration

Website Project Stages

  • MEETING/INFORMATION GATHERING: We first discuss your project. Our meeting will take place over the phone or at your place of business.
  • PROJECT OUTLINE AND QUOTE: A formal proposal is generated for you that includes a price quote, scope of work, and a timeline for completion.
  • DESIGN: Once you give us the green light to start the project. We prepare designs for you to choose from.
  • DEVELOPMENT: Once a design has been approved by you, coding is started.
  • REVIEW: Once the coding is completed, we ask you to make sure you are satisfied with everything. If edits need to be made, this is the stage we would make it.
  • TESTING: Once the site is complete we go through vigorous testing of your website to make sure it works in major browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.
  • LAUNCH: When you are happy and satisfied with the website. Your new website is pushed live!
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